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04 June 2006 @ 04:02 pm
Beginning Supplies and How to Find Items  

Beginning Supplies

1. Ultra durable flashlight. (Found under the pillow of your bed, also good as a makeshift weapon.)

2. Two sets of batteries. (Each set keeps the flashlight alive for four nights of continuous use.)

3. Small rechargeable radio that plays music during the day and from time to time at night spits out hints or locations of valuable resources.

4. Personal journal. (Found in the desk drawer along with the batteries.)

5. Key Ring (You’re on your own in getting keys for it.)

6. Closet full of gray shirts and pants, with a small happy face like logo on the front of the shirts. (Your only clothes for the place.) There is also underwear, of course.

7. Two pairs of indoor slippers and one pair of outdoor slippers. (In the bottom drawer of the dresser.)

8. An overlarge coat (in closet) and two large grey sweaters (in dresser.)

9. A roll of thirty disposable pens in a rubber band. (Found in the desk drawer.)

NOTE: This isn’t all that you can have, just what everyone starts out with so we can all be on "even ground," so to speak. You will find more things as you run around during nightshift.

How to Find Items

There are three main ways to acquire items beyond your basic supplies.

1. You can get them from other players. (Trading, theft, gift, etc.)

2. Finding them in the usual places. ((Knives in the kitchen, bandages in the exam rooms, etc.))

3. Killing creatures. Stronger creatures like abominations are more likely to have items of interest then rats of other more mindless monsters.