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04 June 2006 @ 03:59 pm
Special Counseling  
If your character is called in for special counseling, for one nightshift they are the enemy and with his/her knowledge of the other patients, he/she can go forth and sabotage plans of escape, steal from hidden weapons stashes, and generally screw with everyone’s plans. They also have the full capability of whatever powers they have. This isn’t god-moding, however. If the other patients work together and surprise attack, they could be knocked out. Also, once the character is back to normal, he/she will remember everything he/she did.

In the past, the people going to special counseling have been announced and kept separate, making sure everyone knows who they are. And have been set up almost like hall monitors to chase people back to their rooms.

But the procedure isn't going to go like that any more. The chosen patients will simply be ushered to the special counseling facilities instead of their rooms when suppertime comes around and they will be returned to their rooms before the doors unlock for the night.

SC patients will still be firmly allied with the institute, but they can keep that secret or not depending on the nature of the character. There is no overwhelming need for patients to be in their rooms during nightshift, they just can't be allowed to escape. I think this change will give both the regular and SC patients a lot more room to have fun with things.