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05 June 2006 @ 05:39 pm
Main Rules  
1) This is an RP community. While you are posting here, please remain in character. If you feel the need to make OOC comments please limit them to redux_lounge, , AIM, e-mail, your personal non-character journal, ets. Contact info for mods and players can be found here. ((You will need to be logged in to see it.)) It is strongly suggested that you join the OOC community as it is very often used for announcements.

Though any comments needed to announce a move from one thread to another or other similar technical information that make events easier to follow are encouraged.

2) No god-modding. Please keep your character's limitations and weaknesses in mind while playing and be realistic about them. You are neither Superman nor Heero Yuy (unless you are). Your character can and will take and retain damage. They will encounter difficulties they have very little chance of overcoming on their own.

3) Please show respect and courtesy to your fellow players. Do not barge in on plot events or pivotal character moments without discussing it with the other players involved first. Do not let real life issues interfere with the game or let game issues cause real life squabbles. Wank will not be tolerated.

4) Please use proper language in your posts. No L33T or netspeak.

5) While character deaths can eventually occur, this is not a player killing community. Please try to have any deaths worked out with the mod and involved players before hand.

6) This RP has the potential for a lot of graphic violence, gore and general twisted creepiness. So we would prefer our applicants to be at least 17, but we understand people can be more mature then their age. For those under 17 ((please, no one younger then 15)) we would like a written statement that you have a parent's permission to play and that you understand that the game will contain mature content like sex, dismemberment, exploding organs, etc. and that you are entirely responsible for your own level of exposure. We take no credit or blame for any corruption that may occur.

7) We reserve the right to reject your character claim within two weeks if your playing does not reflect the same level of maturity and intelligence as your application did. This goes for all ages and we hope it will never be needed.

8) Sex is going to be a nightshift only activity and posts that start heading toward NC-17 rated territory should be moved to redux_relations Formatting for posts in this community should follow the same pattern as those in the main community. ((Day: place and time in the subject line.))

9) You may only app one character at a time and it is prefered if you play for at least a few days before apping another. Current maximum number of characters is 3.

10) Please read and comply with the guidelines provided in redux_info. And please use the maps. They are there to provide useful information and give the game a sense of consistency and continuity.

11) Communicate! If you have a problem or a question, please don't hesitate to contact a mod. We'll be more then happy to help in any way we can, explain anything that isn't clear, or explore new possibilities for a character, tool, or situation. We're all here to have fun and we want people to be comfortable with the game and each other.

Please add the words “We're all a little mad here” to the end of your application so we can make sure that you truly got through all of this. After all, you certainly deserve a reward for being thorough.

Breaking these rules will result in contact by the mods and a warning. Repeated braking of the rules will result in probation, suspension, or even expulsion from the game.