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04 June 2006 @ 03:54 pm
Different Modes of Posting  
Plot Post: This is the normal post done in third person past prose to advance the plot. They will be made in the main community. We suggest that the subject line be as follows. “Day X Day/Nightshift: Location.” Basically, the day number, whether it is dayshift or nightshift, and where your character is located.

The dayshift is very structured, so most of the posting there will involve the characters all being in one area. You can make threads within that post, where your character interacts with whoever they please. (If you don’t understand, glance at posts in the main community and it will give you an idea of how things run.)

Nightshift is usually anythign but structured though, so it becomes even more inportant for you to put the time and possition in the subject of each new post. Additionally, during nightshift, it is highly appreciated if you would leave a link saying where you are going to or coming from any time you move to a new post or leave an old one.

Journal Post: These will be posted into your character’s personal journal. Some use it for taking notes, others for venting, and some barely write in it at all. Instead of being electronic, they are paper journals and for another character to make a “comment,” they would need to find your character’s journal and scribble a note in response. Make sure you’re realistic about something like that. Please be polite, and use a cut if your post is going to be longer then a paragraph or two, just like you would in the main community. This includes images and anything else of equivalent size. Many people use their Friend List to keep track of the game and large un-cut journal posts can make this difficult.

Bulletin Board Posts: These are posted in the main community, but are notes for other characters to read. They can be used to trade and barter items, make arrangements for meet-ups, etc. Keep in mind that Bulletin Board posts can be read by doctors, nurses, and Special Counseling patients.

Library Posts: Any time a character remembers to bring their pen with them, then can write in the books in the patient library. This method is a little more secure then the bulletin board, but anyone or anything can still pick up a book and flip through it.

Reflecting Journals: There is a way for journals to become more then just self contained lumps of paper and ink. It isn't easy or well known though. The method and materials to do this will become available on random nightshifts. ((Clues will usually be given by the radio.)) Once a journal has been changed into a reflecting journal it will be linked with any other reflecting journals in existence and an image of any words written in them will appear on it's pages.